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February 20, 2020

Recent Innovations in Lighting and Lighting Control
February 20, 2020
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Bourse Building
111 S Independence Mall E
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Join us at the Bourse Building to learn about innovations in lighting and lighting controls

$45.00 Member

$55.00 Guest

$5.00 Student/Unemployed

$300.00 Sponsor

Recent Innovations in Lighting and Lighting Control

Much has happened in the world of lighting in the last few years. Costs for lighting fixtures and controls have dropped quickly while efficiency gains have increased dramatically. Whereas in the past it took 5 – 10 years between new generations of lighting technology to achieve efficiency gains on the order of 10 - 20% between generations, today LED lighting technology is changing monthly. Likewise, the cost of lighting controls has dropped significantly. Controls that were cost prohibitive just two years ago are now competitive. As has happened with electronics in the past, costs drop quickly. Controls solutions that involved multiple expensive sensors wired to switches have morphed into wireless controls with sensors integrated into lighting fixtures at the factory. Join us as we discuss these innovations.

Our meeting will have a short presentation of the history and the recent renovations at the Bourse Building. There will not be a tour, but you will be free to walk around the new food court with upscale dining. Before and after the meeting, there will be demonstration stations where new and interesting lighting fixtures and controls will be demonstrated.

The meeting will have 3 short presentations on recent innovations in lighting fixtures, lighting controls, and case studies. A panel discussion will follow with the speakers with questions from a moderator including:

  1. What is the theoretical and practical limits to LED efficiency?
  2. Should customers wait for LED efficiency to peak and prices to come down further?
  3. Is there a new, better lighting source after LED?
  4. What do you see as the next phase in lighting controls?
  5. What new innovations are on the horizon in the world of lighting, controls, and lighting efficiency?

A Question and Answer session with the audience will follow.

Parking is next door to the Bourse Building on 4th Street. It is one of the lower priced parking lots in this section of Philly ($13 – 15 typical price).

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