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October 15, 2020

Energy Efficiency and IAQ in a Post-COVID World
October 15, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Virtual Meeting
Join us to learn how the pandemic has affected energy efficiency and indoor air quality standards and requirements.

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The pandemic-induced recession has mandated that many firms reduce costs. Energy Efficiency improvements can provide a comparatively low risk way to reduce energy spend, with better returns than many other investments. These projects usually reduce carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions too, which helps address the growing concern over climate risk. Shareholders are now paying attention to a company’s climate policy and sustainability action plan – and rewarding companies that take bold action in this area.

Weather events and wildfires are also causing more power outages in many parts of the country, with experts predicting this could become the norm in more parts of the US. Could this become an issue for your facility? Investing in backup generation or battery storage could be a good idea, but first it makes sense to get your energy consumption patterns in shape, much like a fitness program for electricity and natural gas use. Why protect loads you don’t need in the first place? Remember, the cheapest kWh or therm is the one you don’t need to buy in the first place! After that, you can consider onsite generation, whether from solar panels or backup generators.

An energy survey or audit is a great starting point for this process. The pandemic has only increased the importance of this step, for the reasons noted as well as the importance of maintaining healthy, pathogen-free ventilation systems in buildings. An audit provides the opportunity to review HVAC system efficiency and indoor air quality for building occupants, while minimizing costs and carbon impacts.

This presentation will provide a roadmap for an energy strategy in the post pandemic world, starting with a review of energy efficiency and progressing to onsite generation opportunities.
World Kinect Energy Services’ Advisory Services team assists customers in analyzing self-generation, combined heat and power (CHP), and grid interconnection of renewable energy projects such as wind or biomass resources.  Matt’s team also optimizes DER (Distributed Energy Resource) projects for clients, including assessing the economics of a microgrid at their facility.  Finally, Matt’s team analyzes natural gas pipeline bypass and direct connect projects, plant site selection analysis, competitive electric power market dynamics, CNG opportunities, and opportunities for sustainability and energy efficiency projects at client facilities.    
Prior to re-joining World Kinect Energy Services, Matt was an Associate Director in Navigant Consulting’s Energy Practice managing energy efficiency evaluations, M&V analyses, benchmarking studies, and related projects.  Prior to joining Navigant, he was a Director of Account management at US Energy Services, Inc., where he managed a team of account executives that assisted clients with plant site development, energy procurement, price risk management and energy efficiency and sustainability services for natural gas, electricity and other fuel sources.  He also has extensive experience in industrial energy studies and re-commissioning analyses, and power industry forecasting software management and development.
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