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February 18, 2016

New Technologies Blitz
February 18, 2016
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Harrah's Casino
777 Harrah's Blvd
Chester, PA 19013
One hour of rapid fire new technologies to help you save energy and money!

$300.00 Meeting Sponsor

Join us for an evening of information and fun!  One hour 'blitz' of new technologies, followed by a cocktail reception including two hour open bar, prime rib carving station, taco bar, pasta bar and more! Move ahead of your competition with the technologies that will differentiate your offering! Spend time with your colleagues and network with technology geeks! And, of course, you are welcome to gamble at the casino...

About Our Presenters and Their Technologies:

Neil Venart – Sales Engineer, Merion Pump

After 35 years in the mechanical industry on the design and installation side, Neil joined the firm of Merion Pump & Equipment; as a Sales Engineer, where he has been employed for over twenty years. Neil has worked on industrial and institutional projects which are involved with the heating and/or cooling of various processes. He has always involved the most energy efficient equipment on his projects, and has been engaged with several long term customers that have profited handsomely due to the efficiencies of his designs. He graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Merion pump will be discussing innovative products and solutions to HVAC systems. The first technology is an automatic tube cleaning brush system that increases chiller efficiency. The second technology is sand filtration systems for cooling towers that reduces the amount of blow down water. The third solution using existing technologies to convert indirect evaporative cooling towers commonly found in water source heat pump applications. The solution uses corrosion resistant cooling towers with plate heat exchangers resulting in energy savings, longer equipment life, reduced maintenance costs, and installation cost reduction.

Andrew Mongar – Founder, President and CTO, AirGreen LLC.

Andrew Mongar has been an energy innovator and senior R&D manager for over 30 years. His work has taken him from corporate innovation at British Gas to the U.K. Cabinet Office and the European Commission where he set up programs of Technology Assessment. Andrew helped manage a small technology innovation company and became an expert with liquid desiccant systems. He was Program Chair of the ASHRAE Technical Committee on Desiccants. Andrew has a degree in Mathematics from Bristol University, UK and a Masters in Operations Research from Imperial College, London, UK. He also studied and taught International Business at Temple University.

AirGreen has developed a patented multi-stage liquid desiccant system that has achieved successful independent prototype testing and is entering production. This new revolutionary design allows hot water as low as 130oF and cooling water as high as 60oF to be used. Renewable energy sources such as ground-source cooling and waste heat for the desiccant regeneration can now be practically utilized. The liquid desiccant sanitizes the air through the effective cleaning of microbes and particulates. This new technology has the potential to double the efficiency of energy usage for building HVAC. If building humidity were properly controlled, thermostats would be set at 78 – 80oF and this can now be accomplished. Headquartered in West Chester, PA AirGreen equipment is assembled in Pennsylvania with mostly American parts.

Dale Stauffer – Environmental Control Services Incorporated

Dale Stauffer has been working in sales/customer service industry for over 24 years. Dale has won awards such as salesman of the year and was awarded the Gold Certified Sales award for customer satisfaction 6 years in a row. For the last 12 years Dale has been working in the Indoor air quality, HVAC optimization, restoration and energy reduction market. Dale works for Environmental Control Services Inc. as a Business Development/Sales engineer which duties include Sales, Estimating, Consulting for service projects such as Coil Restoration, Duct sealing, Cooling Tower restoration and Product sales such as Boiler breaching, Dust Collectors, specialty ductwork, Louvers, dampers etc.

Environmental Control Solutions, Inc. (ECSI) is a professional technical equipment sales and service agency specializing in HVAC Optimization, Restoration and Energy Reduction Programs as well as a supplier of air pollution control equipment, dust collection, air filtration and industrial ventilation equipment. Dale will be presenting on robotic duct sealant for the internal HVAC ductwork. Basic research from DOE uncovered that about 30-40 percent of the air traveling through ducts leak, which means that the fan on these units run approximately 25 to 40% longer than they should. ECSI recently completed a project where the building had over 27% duct leakage throughout approximately two miles of ductwork associated with 26 AHU’s. After the ductwork was robotically sealed from inside with a Class “A” SMACNA approved coating that has low VOC’s, they had less than 2% duct leakage. Our own local PGW has seen such a great savings value in duct sealant that they have used this service as part of their rebate programs.

Chad Von Eck, Vice President, Energy Storage

Chad joined Viridity in April 2011 and is currently responsible for the company’s energy storage business. To date, he has personally led all of Viridity’s Microgrid, Energy Storage, and Frequency Regulation projects. The storage related initiatives were industry-leading efforts involving grid-based frequency regulation service. These included the capture and reuse of regenerative braking energy (lithium-ion battery) on a regional transit system, and the first small scale “demand response” resource (lead-carbon battery) in PJM’s frequency regulation market.

Prior to Viridity, Chad enjoyed ten years at PJM Interconnection in various leadership roles supporting market and reliability system development. He was last responsible for the design and delivery of an innovative control room visualization product, which streamlined critical dispatcher tasks into a single front-end system. Chad originally developed his business and technology management capabilities in various roles at Cisco Systems, serving demand planning, product pricing, and sales operations functions.Chad earned an MSE in Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania, issued by Penn Engineering and co-sponsored by The Wharton School of Business. He is a Moore Fellow in Technology Management, also from Penn Engineering. He received a B.S. in Sociology from the University of Scranton.

Thank You to Our Meeting Sponsors:

Merion Pump & Equipment

Merion Pump & Equipment represents a vast array of energy efficient equipment, that can be utilized in your future projects; that will reduce the cost of operation and maintenance for your institutional and industrial customers.

GREEN building status, LEED qualification points and New Jersey and PECO energy rebates can be realized with the use of our energy efficient equipment including:

PACO_GRUNDFOS Centrifugal Pumps


ATB Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems

TowerFlo Side Stream Filtration Systems

GRUNDFOS CUE VFD, Plate Heat Exchangers, and Air/Dirt Separators

R World Energy Solutions

R World Energy Solutions (RWES), located in King of Prussia PA, provides comprehensive Energy Management, Conservation, and Project Development services to commercial and industrial enterprises. The company delivers consulting, contracting, retro-commissioning, distributed energy, lighting, HVAC, water conservation, and financing solutions and services. RWES utilizes the latest software tools, best-of-breed technologies, and forward-thinking services proven to reduce energy and water consumption, minimize carbon footprint, and increase our clients’ competitive position while delivering significant Returns on Investment. Values, partners, and customers are keys to R World’s success.

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